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31 March 2013 @ 12:03 am
update: new members wanted & monthly question  
Hey there everyone!
After years here comes a public post to dust off this community. To the topic now!

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Currently we are looking for new member to share our fashion interests with! Mainly gyaru fashion.
General fashion inspirations are allowed but please no overloads of those. Keep in mind that this blog is mainly about gyaru(-ish) styles.
Feel free to post inspirations and coordinates, your tutorials as well as shopping gets, recommend make-up that is suited for gyaru styles, talk about the latest diet trends and share stories of shopping trips with your friends etc. ♥

I would be happy to revive this community and welcome new members~
It would be nice if you want to post an intro post to tell about yourself (your name, country you live in, favourite brand, maybe a picture of yourself?) but you absolutely don't have to ♪
To keep it lively, there will be a monthly question or discussion. Feel encouraged to comment (and to reply to others' comments) on those or think of your own questions and discussions.

This month's question is: What is a must have fashion item this year?
What kind of item will be popular this year that you wouldn't want to miss in your coordinates?
Could it be chockers/necklaces that are important or is something like a fancy belt the key to a fashionable outfit?
Please share your thoughts!